2018 Rookie Mock Draft Series 7: Tyler Ghee from the F3 Podcast

For our seventh mock draft in the Expert ADP project we are happy to be joined by Tyler Ghee from Fantasy Football Franchise (@F3Pod). The F3 pod has been one of our favorite listens for a while now, breaking down advanced stats and up-to-date player news like no other. Tyler is also the statistical brainchild behind the FFStatistics App (Which is the baby of Addison Hayes), which is one of our partners and in our opinion, the best statistical resource in fantasy. Tyler is a stud, and is spends his time juggling children, disc golf, and fantasy football (in reverse order of priority, of course). Give him a follow on twitter (linked above), and check out his picks below.

Over the course of the off-season, we will be conducting over thirty mock drafts with various experts in the industry, which will translate to an expert based ADP to help guide you in your rookie drafts. As always:

Scoring Format: 12 Team .5 PPR with .075 Per Return Yard.

Starting Roster: 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 3Flex

Let's get started.

  1. Ronnie - Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State - Hot take right here...

  2. Eric - Derrius Guice, RB, LSU - His warning to NFL teams that don’t draft him: “I’m going to give your defense hell if you don’t draft me” says it all. Guice is going to be the lone tier 2 back in this class leading up to the NFL Draft with his diverse set of skills. His ability to escape tackles and create his own fortune while running the ball wreaks havoc on opposing defenders. Props to this kid for saving a woman’s life last week!

  3. Tyler - Nick Chubb, RB, Georgia - Some debate about Chubb, however prior to injury he was one of the main topics of discussion. I think that the combine showed that he has all the explosiveness back and he can catch. Making him my 3rd or 2nd pick in each rookie draft.

  4. Ronnie - Ronald Jones, RB, USC - I’ve iterated numerous times in this series (because I keep landing Jones) that his injury during the combine and subsequent lack of involvement during his pro day are a blessing in disguise for dynasty owners—I’ve seen instances where Jones has slipped to the second round. Arguably the most explosive back in this class, there isn’t much on his tape to scoff at and I’d argue he’s a top 3 RB talent this year. The good news? People seem to be forgetting that. Come draft day, there’ a good chance you can snag him in picks 5-8, which would have seemed insane two months ago.

  5. Eric - Rashaad Penny, RB, San Diego State - Still my personal RB3 in the class, I think Penny is going to be an impact player out of the gates. He can play on every down (obviously after honing his pass blocking skills) and be a workhorse back at his stature. Turn on the tape of his games against Stanford and Arizona State this past season. He is great in just about all facets of the game. In the end, don’t worry about pass blocking too much as last I checked, pancakes and protection don’t earn you fantasy points.

  6. Tyler - DJ Moore, WR, Maryland - DJ Moore has been one of my favorite WR of this class. His film looks amazing despite playing with numerous Qbs. He has the size and weight and totally destroyed the combine. Have very little concerns other than every rookie WR placement is important.

  7. Ronnie - Sony Michel, RB, Georgia - The lightning to Nick Chubb’s thunder at Georgia, there’s a pretty easy case to be made that if you’re in a PPR league, Michel should be a top 3 back. In a loaded RB class like this, I’m gunning for the guys that project as a potential 3-down monster at the next level. Michel certainly fits that bill. Sure, he didn’t have the wildest combine, but neither did Dalvin Cook, and I don’t think these (albeit hot) Alvin Kamara comparisons came out of nowhere.

  8. Eric - Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU - Big, durable frame with the surprising speed to back it up, Sutton remains my WR1. He relies on his long arms and frame to box out defenders to make the catch and this will need to evolve in the NFL. He has continued to answer his critics though by running a 4.54 40 yard dash, about a half second better than expected for his size. If he can learn how to get open at the next level, I see WR1 potential in the future.

  9. Tyler - James Washington, WR, Oklahoma State - The smoothness of the catches and route running makes him a clear choice. Since his combine he has moved down a bit on my rankings, but if he can improve parts of his game, he could transfer to the NFL level.

  10. Ronnie - Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama - I’ve had Ridley as my WR1 for a very long time, but recently I find myself in the mud on this. He runs a limited route tree and doesn’t have prototypical size, and his age isn’t my favorite. Still, he is the most NFL ready of any receiver in this class. The question is: Does that mean he’s an immediate WR2 at the next level, and is that his ceiling? Or do the Marvin Harrison comps hold light. We’ll know more once the draft tells us what the NFL thinks of him.

  11. Eric - Dallas Goedert, TE, South Dakota State - We love this kid. He’s everything a modern TE needs to be. He’s big, he’s strong, he’s a catch machine and he’s very athletic for his large size. His effort in run blocking needs to progress but these are fundamental issues that can be corrected in the NFL. Regardless, as a fantasy GM, you want receptions and touchdowns not pancake blocks. Goedert is clearly the most versatile TE in the 2018 class.

  12. Tyler - Royce Freeman, RB, Oregon - One of my favorite RB of this class to draft later. The guy is a great runner and has a great build to be a 2 down back. I feel like freeman is undervalued and I am always looking to snag him in the later 1st.

  1. Tyler - Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M - I really like the tape I have seen for Krik. Although a smaller WR this guy is fast and electric on routes and kick returns. He is a player that could operate well in a Golden Tate role and be the PPR and YAC player we would love to see on many teams.

  2. Eric - Easy St Brown, WR, Notre Dame - Too many people are forgetting about St. Brown. He’s got some physical tools that most WR’s can only dream of. He’s 6’5 with a huge wingspan for making catches look easy and his speed was outstanding at the combine when he ran a 4.48 40. I also like his intelligence at the position and feel he will adapt comfortably to an NFL playbook and become a far better pro receiver than college receiver. The knock on him is inconsistent effort but I don’t think this will be an issue moving forward.

  3. Ronnie - John Kelly, RB, Tennessee - With a nickname like “Mr. Crazy Legs” there’s got to be something to it, right? Yes. John Kelly is the best pass catching RB in this class, and at 5’11 213 this whole “undersized” talk feels ignorant. Outside of Guice I can’t think of a RB that runs harder than Kelly, and there certainly isn’t a better stiff arm in the class either (don’t @ me). At worst, Kelly should assume a Theo Riddick role at the next level—but I feel he can be much, much more than that.

  4. Tyler - DJ Chark, WR, LSU - One player that seems to keep rising up my rankings. Although wasn't a huge play maker at LSU, Chark has shown up at the senior bowl and the NFL combine. He has the body type and desire to play, snagging him in the top of the 2nd of any rookie draft is never a bad thing.

  5. Eric - Kalen Ballage, RB, Arizona State - Athlete or football player? Either way, I’m taking him here in the second round and happily stashing him on my practice squad until I learn the answer. Ballage has all the physical tools to be a dominant player in the NFL and depending on where he get drafted to, I can see his stock only improving from this point.

  6. Ronnie - Mike Gesicki, TE, Penn State - Combine darling, physical specimen, big school pedigree and fantastic production against stiff competition… I can understand why so many are touting Gesicki as the TE1 of this class. He checks all of the boxes, and if he ends up going to a TE-needy team he’ll end up as my TE1. But for now, I’m staying true to my Goedert love.

  7. Tyler - Anthony Miller, WR, Memphis - A bit of a smaller WR, however A. Miller seems to show great vision and ability to read defenses. He also has sure hands and snags tons of balls outside of his catch radius. Although not in love with him, I could see him being a great addition to a team as a WR2.

  8. Eric - Kerryon Johnson, RB, Auburn - The injuries freak me out a bit but I cannot deny the abilities with Johnson. He’s got electric feet that can make him slippery and tough to bring down, he’s patient at the line but explodes through holes for big run gains, and is one of the best pass blocking backs in the entire class so he can make a case to be an every down player. If he can learn to run lower to the ground and avoid the punishing hits that keep him off the field, I think Johnson can be an eventual steal here at the end of the second.

  9. Ronnie - Michael Gallup, WR, Colorado State - If you want to see a prime example of a quick-footed WR, go watch Gallup’s tape. His measurables back that up, with an exceptional 6.95 3-cone and 4.37 20 yard shuffle (plus a perfectly juicy 4.51 40), Gallup rose up boards thanks to his combine. But if you followed him throughout the year like us, you were privy to an improved receiver in every facet of the game. He excels at back shoulder throws, has the route-running finesse to compete at all three levels and the size to be an immediate impact at the NFL level.

  10. Tyler - Mark Andrews, TE, Oklahoma - Mark Andrews maybe the best over all TE in this class. He is the most well rounded TE, however I worry of his involvement in the passing game. Regardless I am interested to see where he lands and how he could affect a team in the future.

  11. Eric - Auden Tate, WR, Florida State - People have lost faith in Auden Tate because of his miserable combine but I still think he’s worthy of a late 2nd round grade. This class of receivers is going to be hit or miss almost entirely throughout. I’m drafting Tate here because of potential. He’s got an NFL build for the position and should be a high red zone volume target, even in his rookie season. His physique will intrigue GM’s in the NFL and I think there’s a higher probability of him being a WR2 eventually than most in this class. Obviously, we need to get him out of the ankle weights but I will for sure give him a go here.

  12. Ronnie - Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma - Sam Darnold, Sam Shmarnold. The QB1 of this class is Mayfield, and you can take that to the bank. Complete understanding of a playbook? Check. Full scope reads? Check. Killer arm? Check. Killer accuracy? CHECK. Mobile? Check check check. Poise in the pocket? Check. Underdog story? Check. Intangibles? Check. Stats? Check. Big game presence? Check. Just about the only thing you can knock is his height and that he grabbed his crotch a few too many times (and parties in college, oh no…). Please don’t take him, Cleveland.

  1. Ronnie - Nyheim Hines, RB, NCST

  2. Eric - Simmie Cobbs, WR, Indiana

  3. Tyler - Bo Scarbrough, RB, Alabama

  4. Ronnie - Allen Lazard, WR, Iowa State

  5. Eric - Justin Jackson, RB, Northwestern

  6. Tyler - Chase Edmonds, RB, Fordham

  7. Ronnie - Dante Pettis, WR, Washington

  8. Eric - Sam Darnold, QB, USC

  9. Tyler - Marcell Ateman, WR, Oklahoma State

  10. Ronnie - DaeSean Hamilton, WR, Penn State

  11. Eric - Jordan Lasley, WR, UCLA

  12. Tyler - Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville

  1. Tyler - Richie James, WR, Middle Tennessee State

  2. Eric - Mark Walton, RB, Miami

  3. Ronnie - Keke Coutee, WR, Texas Tech

  4. Tyler - Troy Fumagali, TE, Wisconsin

  5. Eric - Jaleel Scott, WR, New Mexico State

  6. Ronnie - Trey Quinn, WR, SMU

  7. Tyler - Deon Cain, WR, Clemson

  8. Eric - Hayden Hurst, TE, South Carolina

  9. Ronnie - Ito Smith, RB, USM

  10. Tyler - Mike White, QB, Western Kentucky University

  11. Eric - Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA

  12. Ronnie - Marquez Valdes-Scantling, WR, USF

  1. Ronnie - Cedrick Wilson, WR, Boise State

  2. Eric - Jake Wieneke, WR, South Dakota State

  3. Tyler - Chris Warren III, RB, Texas

  4. Ronnie - Jaylen Samuels, RB, NC State

  5. Eric - Josh Adams, RB, Notre Dame

  6. Tyler - Roc Thomas, RB, Jacksonville State

  7. Ronnie - Darren Carrington II, WR, Utah

  8. Eric - Dylan Cantrell, WR, Texas Tech

  9. Tyler - J´Mon Moore, WR Missori

  10. Ronnie - Antonio Callaway, WR, Florida

  11. Eric - Tre’Quan Smith, WR, UCF

  12. Tyler - Ian Thomas, TE, Indiana

  1. Tyler - Kyle Hicks, RB, TCU

  2. Eric - Korey Robertson, WR, USM

  3. Ronnie - Ralph Webb, RB, Vanderbilt

  4. Tyler - Braxton Berrios, WR, Miami

  5. Eric - Akrum Wadley, RB, Iowa

  6. Ronnie - Darrell Williams, RB, LSU

  7. Tyler - Jester Weah, WR, Pittsburgh

  8. Eric - Justin Crawford, RB, West Virginia

  9. Ronnie - Cam Phillips, WR, Virginia Tech

  10. Tyler - Kyle Lauletta, QB, Richmond

  11. Eric - Justin Watson, WR, Pennsylvania

  12. Ronnie - Bryon Pringle, WR, KSU

Over the next few months, we will be conducting over 30 mock drafts with various experts from all over the dynasty football community. Don't forget to check out Fantasy Football Franchise and listen to their podcast! If you are interested in participating in one of these mocks, head over to our home page and use the "All Other Inquiries" form at the bottom of the Contact Us section!

See you next time,

- Ronnie

- - -

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