Eric's Full, 7 Round NFL Mock Draft

With the NFL draft less than a week away, excitement is in the air and it's time for my annual 7 round mock draft. Of course these mocks are generally impossible to guess properly but it should give you an idea of where I have players graded. I also do not include trades in my mocks though I imagine Day 1 of the draft on Thursday night will be lit up with trades so expect the order to be entirely different. I hope you enjoy the mock here and please leave your comments at the bottom or tweet me your thoughts!

The talk of this draft are the QB's and the defense in general. With 5 potential franchise QB's on the board, it's no wonder that teams have already made moves to sure up high draft positions (NY Jets) and I imagine we will be seeing more from the Bills and Cardinals come draft night.

In my opinion, there's no way that Cleveland can pass on their future star QB and all this talk of Josh Allen is just to throw other teams off the scent. I actually quite like Allen, more so than my colleague Ronnie, but with his issues hitting the target, I can't imagine him being a top 5 pick. Darnold makes the most sense for Cleveland as he can sit and learn behind Tyrod Taylor, a very serviceable QB who doesn't turn the ball over. Darnold most likely needs a year before he can be in a confident position to take over and it's great there will be no rush for him.

The Giants for sure are going to be the game changers on Thursday night. Their draft decision will effect every other team's board, especially their crosstown neighbors. Most fans think QB is the way to go which means Rosen, but I happen to think their roster could be ready for another ring run sooner than most think. They just acquired Alec Ogletree in a trade and also released Brandon Marshall to most likely sign Dez Bryant. Sure, Eli Manning has not been very good the last two years but this offense can be one of the best in the NFL if they draft Saquon Barkley, the best overall prospect in the class in my opinion, and then fix their offensive line woes. I also think the Giants can be patient and draft a QB later as Eli is going to play for a third ring.

For the rest of this draft, I mocked according to overall prospect grade, team need and potential in the player. I don't want to bore anyone with anymore blurbs as I think beyond those first two picks, things sort of become a bit clearer. Please take a look and let me know what you think!

Full Mock Here

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