Dynasty ER Staff Super Bowl LIII Picks

The 2018 NFL season is here, and we're ready to give our predictions on which teams will make it to Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta and hoist the Lombardi Trophy in February. Here's what we think.

Michael Klos - Saints over Steelers. They say that defense wins championships, but I'm picking my predicted top two offenses for the 2018 season to meet in Atlanta. Drew Brees has a balanced but dangerous unit that finds a way to best the Rams in the conference championship. The Steelers are going to explode through the playoffs and prevent the Patriots from making it to the big game for the third straight year. Still, the Saints succeed in a shootout.

Ken Davidson - Packers over Patriots. Not the matchup I want, but the matchup I need. Aaron Rodgers vs Tom Brady. Jimmy Graham vs Rob Gronkowski. The storyline leading up to this would be great for any football fan. Can Rodgers dethrone the GOAT? Will Brady win number 6? An onslaught of points in the first half brings Rodgers and the Packers a Lombardi back to Lambeau, 41-17.

JJ Wenner - Jaguars over Saints. The Jaguars are steaming over their inexplicable collapse in the AFC Championship and will not make the same mistakes. Bortles will show growth as a passer, despite a depleted WR corp. Drew Brees will bounce back statistically and lead the Saints to the NFC Championship. There will be no Miracle this year and they will face the Jags in the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, their run ends there and the Jags will become champions.

Noah Hills - Packers over Patriots. The Packers ride an MVP year from Aaron Rodgers supported by an improved defense to survive a tough NFC North schedule, earning an NFC Championship Game at Lambeau, where they take down the Saints. The Patriots do Patriots things all year and beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh in the AFC Championship Game to secure a spot in the Super Bowl. Green Bay wins a game that sees both teams score more than 30 points.

Ryan Bickerstaff - Chargers over Rams. The Battle of Los Angeles. There's no way this happens in real life. Two teams from the same city, a city that just a few years ago didn't even have a single pro football team. What are the odds? However, I see two Super Bowl-ready squads in LA. The Rams' and Chargers' offenses and defenses alike have the potential to be among the most dangerous units in the NFL this year and possess star talent in all areas. In the more open NFC, the Rams will defeat the Vikings after the Vikings defeat the Saints for the second year in a row. The Pats are still king in the AFC but I can see this being the year someone finally usurps the throne. Who else is definitively better than the Bolts in the AFC, especially if they can stay healthy and find a kicker? In the end, Philip Rivers finally wins a Lombardi Trophy, cementing his Canton resume, after connecting with Antonio Gates on a last-minute touchdown to seal the deal for Los Angeles... Chargers, that is.

Jacob Schnoebelen - Saints over Patriots. Two generational QB's battling it out to end an era. Drew Brees finally gets his second, besting Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. Both teams should have some of the top offenses in the league this year, and they were one miracle Stefon Diggs play away from the NFC Championship game last year, and this time they avoid it. The Patriots dynasty starts to show signs of cracking, but still make one last Super-Bowl run until the ultimate end. Brees and the Saints have to make it through the loaded NFC, but Brees shows he has some juice left and leads the Saints to the second title of this era.

Russ Crossen - Chargers over Vikings. Both of these teams have a fantastic combination of both overwhelming offensive weapons and shutdown defenses. I give the edge to the Chargers simply for the offense having more experience together as well as the Vikings having the much weaker offensive line.

Oscar Terry - Rams over Texans. The Rams offense last looked unstoppable at times last year, leading the league in total points and this year they don't look to be letting up. Despite the likes of Gurley and Goff, it's the Rams defense that has me excited with some major off-season acquisitions, not to mention that juicy contract extension to Aaron Donald proving the Rams are in a win-now mode. The Texans might not have the best roster on paper but they have a Head Coach in O'Brien that knows how to get the most out off player like Watson and Hopkins. Add in a gentle sprinkle of D-line domination from a healthy Watts and Clowney and we have a combination that I can see causing a lot of upsets in the post-season.

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