Dynasty Dilemma! What to do in Make or Break Dynasty Situations

​​Are you in a dynasty dilemma?

Did you make some mistakes that have already caused problems within your dynasty roster?

We will be tackling some of the biggest dilemmas faced by dynasty owners and how to addressthose problems in order to minimize mistakes and maximize value. First here are some of my quick dynasty rules when faced with a problem and looking for a fix:

1. Don’t overreact. Do not be the guy that trades Dalvin Cook for CJ Anderson in 2017 after Dalvin tears his ACL. Sure, you think you can still compete, but go ahead and trade closer to the 2018 season if you don’t believe in him, his value will be light years ahead of what you would get immediately after an injury.

2. Don’t accept trades without due diligence and viewing the landscape of your decision For example, don’t trade for Derrick Henry immediately after Dion Lewis is signed, or buy into the Duke Johnson hype after Carlos Hyde was signed. Also make sure to understand the time commitment to rookie tight ends or receivers, as it may be years before you reap rewards (I’m looking at you, Laquon Treadwell!).

3. Don’t create problems by trying to be crafty. For example, Josh Gordon, Martavis Bryant, Joe Mixon, and Antonio Callaway all provide great upside. You just would not want all of them on your team at the same time.

4. Don’t undersell on potential do not be the person that gives up on a guy because he has a bad showing early in his career. There is still time for guys like Ronald Jones or Rashaad Penny. Imagine trading away Nelson Agholor for nothing a year ago when he hadn’t shown his potential. Either hold or get the appropriate value, don’t do something silly in between.

In 2018 there are plenty of dilemmas plaguing lineups. These are just a few of them and how I would react if I had shares which were impacting my season.

Le’Veon Bell: The ultimate problem plaguing lineups in 2018 is Le’Veon Bell. When is he coming back, how will he do, why would he do this, etc.. Bell provides great value to your dynasty team, be bold and be the one to offer trades for him if you own him. This ensures you receive maximum value and not reacting to lowball offers. If you don’t get what you want, wait a few weeks and start over. Running backs do not last long in the NFL and his usage has been extremely high. My starting point would be a top wide receiver and 2 first round rookie picks.

Josh Gordon: As far as we know, the only reason for the release of Josh Gordon is that the Browns were “fed up”; whatever that means. He ended up landing in the best possible situation which makes him a firm hold for me. If you are in a full-blown rebuild, go ahead and send some inflated offers as there is a fresh batch of eternal optimism on how well he will work with the Patriots.

Derrick Henry: Henry is in the ultimate timeshare, which is a problem. Game script has kept him from being a factor through two contests. Although he has shown flashes, he lacks the consistency you want in an RB1. His value is at its lowest point right now, which would him make a hold for now. However, if you can get a upside wide receiver like Mike Williams or Chris Godwin, and a 2019 1st, make the trade.

Ronald Jones: Inactive for the second straight game to start his career, Ronald Jones has shown nothing to make you think he will be a star in the NFL. It is not wise to sell at this point. He will figure out the offense, and at some point this season find himself on the field. It is a solid hold. If he has one good game, then I would feel comfortable in extracting the proper value for him.

If you have a problem, feel free to send it to Matthew.tynski@gmail.com . We will resolve your dynasty dilemma!

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