DFS Value Picks for Week 3

By Matt Minich | cincyjungle.com


Deshaun Watson-(Fanduel-$7,700/Draftkings-$6,100)

Watson has Fuller back 100% healthy and how much Fuller helps the whole offense showed in week 2. The Giants defense is at the bottom of the league stopping the run and they haven’t faced any teams where the passing game is a real threat yet. Watson will continue to improve coming off the injury and getting his weapons back while getting ample opportunity as the Houston defense chews through the Giants lack of an offensive line that is now missing its center.

Carson Wentz-(Fanduel-$7,400/Draftkings-$6,200)

This play is a bit risky with it being Wentz’s first game back after an ACL tear but this should be a great match up and the cheapest Wentz will be all year.


Lamar Miller-(Fanduel-$6,700/Draftkings-$5,000)

See Deshaun Watson. Houston should be up early but with weapons like OBJ and Barkley, Houston won’t want to get complacent and pull starters.

Alfred Morris-(Fanduel-$5,500/Draftkings-$3,700)

Matt Breida-(Fanduel-$6,200/Draftkings-$5,400)

Both of these guys should be good picks for DFS this week. Breida blew up all over a terrible Lions defense and KC is looking pretty weak in every aspect as well. Morris is dirt cheap and should get more out of his carries, is actually seeing a few passes, and should have a decent shot at a couple of goal line carries.

Latavius Murray-(Fanduel-$5,200/Draftkings-$5,800)

Roc Thomas-(Fanduel-$4,500/Draftkings-$3,000)

This game should be a blowout early and with Cook’s recent injury concerns, even if he is good to start Sunday, they’ll likely pull him early which makes Murray a fantastic play. He’s definitely a better price on Fanduel than Draftkings but neither is a bad cheap play. Keep an eye on Roc Thomas. If he is active for the game, he could be an amazing value play if the Vikings are up multiple TDs by the half.


Tyler Boyd -(Fanduel-$4,700/Draftkings-$3,700)

The Red Rocket had an amazing day week 2 and that was in part to finding a reliable #2 WR. The Panthers’ very exploitable secondary will have to focus on AJG and if Boyd gets between the 5-9 targets he saw in his first 2 games, he’s going to be well worth his bargain bin price.

Calvin Ridley -(Fanduel-$5,000/Draftkings-$3,700)

This may seem like chasing points and it very well could be but Ryan showed some signs of life last week and the Saints defense just isn’t looking like it’s as good as most of us thought it would be this year. Regardless, they do still have Brees, Thomas, and Kamara to get them points on the board which should force a lot of throws from the Saints offense. Ridly only has one TD but it’s one more than Julio Jones and maybe Ridly will once again be the benefactor of Ryan’s baffling inability to hit Jones in the end zone.

Dede Westbrook -(Fanduel-$5,500/Draftkings-$4,6 00)

Keelan Cole looks to be the main target in this offense and while they haven’t shown it much yet, the Titans’ defense is not going to be bad over the season at stopping the passing game and after Cole’s last performance, they should be focusing on him and leaving Westbrook open to score enough to be a great value play this week.


Will Dissly -(Fanduel-$4,600/Draftkings-$3,300)

Dissly’s day was saved by a TD in week 2 but Wilson just does not have many options. The Dallas defense is underrated but not on par with Chicago’s. If Wilson can work his magic to overcome that terrible offensive line, he’ll be looking Dissly’s way multiple times this week.

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