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Week Three in the NFL has been about as surprising as Josh Allen hurdling 3x pro-bowler Anthony Barr. The Bears are on the top for the first time in how many years? The 0-2 Lions pulled out a win against the Patriots, the Vikings caught a beating from Bills despite being Super Bowl hopefuls, and that's just the NFC North.

We had the 49ers winning the title of 'Unluckiest Team' despite having 13 weeks left of the season as QB Jimmy Garoppolo was on the receiving end of a ACL tear. Fitzmagic lost (A tragedy in itself) and the Cowboys offense continued to struggle against the Seahawks. But it's not all doom and gloom, the Eagles received a gift in the shape of Carson Wentz returning to the field, the Rams won the Battle for L.A., and the NFC South scored a huge 138 points collectively, making them a contender for the best division in the NFL.

With that all being said, as fantasy enthusiasts, the important headlines are about the individual performers, who's scoring the most, and who we should be looking out for on the waiver wire. Here we'll break down those players, looking at the perfect NFC fantasy line up using PPR rules and 6pts for Passing-TDs.


NFC QB of the Week - Matt Ryan - 26COMP/374YARDS/5TD/12RYDS - 50.16 Points.

Matt Ryan is getting hot and with his weapons in the passing game, it's not hard to see why. In a NFC South shoot-out with the Saints, Matt Ryan narrowly edged out Drew Brees for the top spot. And with the Bengals up next he has a legitimate chance to remain here for week four.

NFC RB1 of the Week - Alvin Kamara - 16ATT/66YARDS/15REC/124YARDS - 34 Points.

It's not surprise to anyone that Kamara is at the top. Kamara should be in a position group of his own, bridging that gap between WR and RB. With 31 touches overall and 52%/48% split between runs and catches, Kamara is making the most of his time without Ingram playing.

NFC RB2 of the Week - Todd Gurley - 23ATT/105YARDS/1TD/5REC/51YARDS - 24.6 Points.

Todd Gurley faced one of the tougher defenses on his schedule in the shape of the Chargers. With 24.6 fantasy points, owners should be happy with the result and Gurley's outlook for the rest of the season. Gurley had more touches against the Chargers than both the Raiders and Cardinals, which shows his worth. However, it's also racking up the mileage and with a short week and a Vikings defense coming to town, there could be a dip in performance come week 4.

NFC WR1 of the Week - Calvin Ridley - 7REC/146YARDS/3TD/1ATT/9YARDS - 40.5 Points.

Welcome to the NFL. The rookie out of Alabama, who was arguably the best WR prospect in this year's draft, made a splash against the Saints this week 3. With three TDs, one being a 75 yard bomb, Ridley took full advantage of Julio Jones occupying DROTY Marshon Lattimore. In a high scoring NFC South having what could possibly be the best one-two-three WR punch in the NFL (Jones, Ridley, Sanu), the Falcons have a legitimate chance at playoffs.

NFC WR2 of the Week - Robert Woods - 10REC/104YARDS/2TD/3ATT/13YARD - 33.7 Points.

Robert Woods put up an impressive 33.7 points in week 3. More so impressive due to the balance of the Rams offense, with so many mouths being fed, for Woods to stand out you know he played well. Woods does have a small advantage other the other WRs due to the fact he has seemed to have adopted the jet-sweep and gadget play snaps from Tavon Austin. Three carries for 13 yards may not scream huge fantasy upside but with Cooper Kupp getting -3 yards on one attempt, Woods is in a position to get a monopoly on all things jet-sweeps which will add up on the season.

NFC TE of the Week - Dallas Goedert - 7REC/73YARDS/1TD - 20.3 Points

Dallas Goedert has jumped into the spotlight after a quiet start to the season. The 2nd-round pick out of South Dakota had a breakout game, buoyed by his TD to elevate him to the top spot this week could be the definition of a one week wonder. With Zach Ertz still being the top dog with the Eagles, Goedert is someone to keep an eye on, but if you're thinking of pulling the trigger and adding him to your bench, you either know something I don't or be in a very deep TE league.

Honorable Mentions

Adrian Peterson - 19ATT/120YARDS/2TD - 24 Points

Adrian Peterson is making the most of his opportunity with the Redskins. In a backfield where he is clearly the leader, Peterson is giving Washington fans hope to make the playoffs. And who can blame them after beating Aaron Rodgers and the Packers this weekend?

Drew Brees - 39COMP/396YARDS/3TD/3ATT/7YARDS/2TD - 46.54 Points.

With Peterson already making the list, it would be unfair to miss out the other NFL veteran who's still managing to put up unbelievable numbers (and unbelievable spin moves). Drew Brees led the Saints to a crucial NFC South division win, putting his team in a position to challenge for the top spot.

Players to watch

Chris Carson - 32ATT/102YARDS/1TD/2REC/22YARDS

Now, I get that with 'players to watch', the juiciest prospects are the sleepers who might be on a upward trend, a player you can snag on the waiver wire before he erupts onto the stage, or an otherwise no-name, no-one who can contribute as bye weeks approach. Instead, I give you Chris Carson. The reason for this is the first number on his stats. With a whopping 32ATT and with Rashaad Penny only getting 3ATT for 5YARDS, it looks like Seattle has finally chosen their lead back. During the drafts Carson was going very late, and for those who have had him sat on your bench all this time, he's now a valuable RB2/FLEX option. If you already have depth at RB, now is the perfect time to sell high.

Ted Ginn - 3REC/75YARDS/1TD - 9.2 Points.

Although not flashy, Ted Ginn is a valuable option. With Brees throwing for as many yards as he is, and top DBs shadowing Thomas all game, Ted Ginn is in a similar position as Will Fuller. With a relatively high floor for a Flex/WR2 and the potential to pick up a big week here and there, he's someone to keep an eye out for.

Oscar Terry

Redraft/Dynasty Specialist


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